Codename Kids Next Door - Operation Naughty - A Novel Length Adventure
Codename Kids Next Door: Kick into Christmas is a Christmas Special to during fun with...Kids Next Door Operatives with the Elfa Strike Team & get the plan as...Dark Oak and his Enemies. Numbuh 1 gets unreal to fight. can't the help Numbuh One with...Cosmo the Seedrian and his Spies with Sam, Clover, Alex and Britney.

Things Not SaidEdit

  • With the fourth jewel located in Florida, the Overdrive Rangers fight Miramax, Kamdor, and several fearsome monsters to retrieve it.

Red Ranger UnpluggedEdit

  • As Mack struggles to determine whenever or not the decisions in his life have been of his own free will, the Overdrive Rangers face a Fearcat who has strong ties to Tyzon’s past.

Home and AwayEdit

  • The Fearcats unleash the power of the Octavian Chalice, Tyzonn is injured in battle and awakens on his home planet.
  • Tyzonn must come to terms with the revelation that he was never a Power Ranger.

Way Back WhenEdit

  • Determined to locate the jewels of the Corona Aurora, the Overdrive Rangers use Mack’s memory to reflect on their previous missions in an attempt to make sense of which jewel belongs to each faction.

Metarex Commanders and MonstersEdit

Queen Chrysalis and his Evil Overdrive RangersEdit

Chrysalis removes the water out of the bottle S5E26
Evil Overdrive Rangers (PROO-UK) - by 76859Thomas

Crazar and Red PineEdit

Crazar (PROO-UK) - by 76859Thomas
Red Pine (Sonic X UK)

Mig, Benglo and ZelkovaEdit

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