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Classicial-like A Classic Numbuh One and his Spies in the K.N.D. the Bucket Summer List is a tv special episode to during fun with...Numbuh 1 and his Spies with Sam, Clover, Alex & Britney together into...The Bucket Summer List.

Song Sung YellowEdit

Tanya’s potential new singing career divides her time between fulfilling an ambition and serving as a Power Ranger.

The Robot RangerEdit

During an outing in the Juice Bar, Justin stumbles on Ashley with wiring in her arm.

Satellite SearchEdit

The Space Rangers are asked by NASADA to recover a downed satellite, only to fall into another trap set by Astronema.

Calamity KimberlyEdit

When Kimberly is having an unlucky day, Rita takes note of this and sends down her Samurai Fanman down to Earth to make her day even worse.

Say the Magic WordEdit

Roland is having trouble with his magic tricks, so Flabber lends him a book of magic words. When Roland loses the book, Trip and Van cause trouble.

Midnight Sparkle and his MonstersEdit

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