Classic of the end of Summer is a last episode of the summer to during end of the week with...Numbuh One and his Operatives with the Chris Thorndyke, can't the defeat two opponents with...King Sombra & Red Pine.

White LightEdit

  • While the Power Rangers are dealing with Nimrod The Scarlet Sentinel, Billy finds out a secret project developed by Zordon & Alpha.
  • The Power Rangers are called to the Command Center where a new Power Ranger is there to greet them.

Two for OneEdit

  • While on a date with Tommy in Angel Grove Park, Kimberly’s purse is stolen by Lord Zedd’s Putties. Lord Zedd makes the contents of the purse into two monsters.

Opposites AttractEdit

  • Billy becomes smitten with one of Kimberly’s friends, whilst Lord Zedd transforms the Blue Ranger’s new polarizer device into the monster Magnet Brain.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

Red Pine & LipsyncherEdit

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