The Silver Ranger Zhane (PRIS UK) - by 76859Thomas - Classic Official - S6e20
Survival of the Silver Ranger is a summer special episode to during a new ranger, as...The Silver Ranger Zhane. by Numbuh One & defeat Dark Oak and his enemies.

Invasion of the Body SwitcherEdit

Astronema uses her monsters shapeshifting ability to become an exact duplicate of Ashley.

Survival of the SilverEdit

Arriving on a hostile planet, the Space Rangers are overwhelmed by the planets inhabitants. Damage to a cryogenic preservation unit however brings to life a new ally, the Silver Ranger.

Red with EnvyEdit

Andros becomes jealous after Zhane starts to bond with Ashley.

The Silver SecretEdit

Zhane’s limited powers become known to Astronema, and she schemes to exploit it in a bid to eliminate the Silver Ranger once and for all.


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