Codename Kids Next Door - Operation Naughty - A Novel Length Adventure
Christmas Finale through the Galactic of a Hero Time! with Numbuh 1 and his Operatives is a Christmas episode to during plan time of a end story defeat Captain Mutiny, Barbarax and Hexuba - by the Metarex Commander of Evil...Dark Oak.

Hexuba's GraveyardEdit

  • Hexuba’s next stratagem against the Galaxy Rangers is to resurrect several old enemies and unleash them one after the other. Kai elects to go on a dangerous mission within the heart of Hexuba’s lair to destroy the source of the Galaxy Rangers nostalgic nightmares.

Escape The Lost GalaxyEdit

  • When Captain Mutiny’s forces successfully capture several of Terra Venture’s citizens and subject them to slave labor on a nearby planet, Mike risks his life and goes undercover to retrieve them, in doing so he meets a young girl and her sickly grandfather.

Dark Oak and his GangEdit

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