Template:New wiki CartoonFan1994 (aka, CF1994) is a YouTube user who is known by a few as a devoted fan of villains from all across the media. In spite of this, he supports protagonists and diverse interests, as well.

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As of now, villain videos are what CartoonFan1994 might be known for by a select number of YouTubers. He aspires to have a good diversity of antagonists in each video he makes.


CartoonFan1994, as his username implies, is a fan of cartoons, specifically those from Western Animation. He is very fond of shows that are timeless classics, like Courage the Cowardly Dog and SpongeBob SquarePants.

While his interest in cartoons is diverse, there are some cartoons CF1994 himself is not particularly fond of, like Teen Titans Go!

CF1994 also enjoys shippings, which includes pairing two fictional characters with one another. He is very fond of Dipifica, a ship from Gravity Falls, due to how well Dipper Pines and Pacifica Northwest cooperated and got on with each other in the episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery", which is beloved by many other Gravity Falls fans, as well. Not to mention, CF1994 praises Pacifica Northwest for receiving character development, which he considers it a breakthrough Western Animation needed with the smug schoolgirl stereotype.

He also enjoys the Pokémon series, respecting it fondly for adding a variety of great mechanics for certain games each generation.

CF1994 is also fascinated by art, a subject he is learning all about continuously behind the scenes. He also enjoys drawing the characters he likes on DeviantART on his DA account, TheDarkBrawler90. He aspires to improve his art.

And of course, he loves villains, at least the fictitious ones. He is most fond of Aku from Samurai Jack, due to how well Mako Iwamatsu portrayed the character in even his most sadistic and cruel moments in the show. Since he was never truly defeated, Aku is considered by CF1994 quite often to be a top tier threat that can lead the most powerful villains in pop culture.


Despite not being popular, in spite of his YouTube channel having over 1 million views, a good portion of YouTube users respect CartoonFan1994 for being insightful on certain problems, his fun-loving demeanor, his occasional sense of humor, and being able to respect other people's opinions at the end of the day.

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