Beetleborgs (Christmas Special) - by 76859Thomas
Big Bad Holidayborgs is a Christmas episode to fun with the holiday of Beetleborgs. Meanwhile, Vexor had a plan with the Magnavors & create the monsters invite your attend into a evil annual holiday-like Christmas into "Merry Christmas" for a plan with Noxic, Jara and Typhus of the bad-like great time. can't the help with...The Operatives of Sector V.

Christmas Spells and Phasm's SpellsEdit

  • As Christmas approaches, Flabber recruits the house monsters to decorate the Hillhurst House and soon finds out that gifts and trees are being stolen.

The Wanna-Be RangerEdit

  • Lord Zedd uses Zack’s white gorilla costume to create Primator, a monster with the ability to transform into any Power Ranger.

Putty on the BrainEdit

  • Lord Zedd casts a spell on Billy & Zack’s new glasses causing them to think their fellow Ranger friends are Z Putties.

The Green DreamEdit

  • When Tommy keeps having horrible nightmares about losing his Green Ranger powers, Lord Zedd calls on Robogoat to capture Tommy and lure him to the dark side.

The Song of GuitardoEdit

  • When Lord Zedd spoils the teens picnic in the park, and unleashes his Guitardo monster on Angel Grove, it’s up to Kimberly & Tommy to rescue their friends from the trance Guitardo has them under.

Welcome to Venus IslandEdit

  • When Trini’s young neighbour is kidnapped by Goldar while at the beach with the Power Rangers, they have to act fast and rescue her from the extremely dangerous Venus Island, where the Invenusable Flytrap is awaiting their arrival.

When is a Ranger Not A Ranger?Edit

  • Lord Zedd uses Adam’s kaleidoscope to create Scatterbrain, who erases Tommy, Billy & Kimberly’s memories.

Monsters with Noxic, Jara and TyphusEdit

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