Alien Rangers (MMPR Official UK) - by 76859Thomas - Summer Special
Best of the Alien Rangers of Aquitar (The Final Chapter) - "Enter The Zeo Rangers" is a summer special episode to during in the heroes of KND with...Alien Rangers. to the plans of defeat Dark Oak and his Commanders.

Attack of the 60' BulkEdit

  • Bulk is transformed into a monster and battles the Aquitian Rangers at the water park.

Water You Thinking?Edit

  • The young Power Rangers begin their quests for the Zeo Crystal, traveling through time to various locations. As Rocky braves a volcano with the aid of a young native called Pablo, the Aquitian Rangers attempt to rehydrate an ailing Cestro.

Along Came A SpiderEdit

  • Adam attempts to recover his segment of the Zeo Crystal, and meets an irritable and cryptic elderly man who attempts to obstruct his quest. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd summon another monstrous threat to battle the Aquitians.

Sowing The Seas of EvilEdit

  • Rita & Zedd make preparations to bring the Aquitian Rangers’ arch enemy, Hydro Hog to Earth. Meanwhile, Tommy & Katherine’s individual quests for their Zeo Crystal sub-segments lead them on journeys of self discovery and to test their resolve and courage.

Hogday AfternoonEdit

  • Aisha arrives in Africa to search for her piece of the Zeo Crystal, while Rito & Goldar finally reach their destination of the Command Center.
  • Tanya makes a bold decision when Aisha decides on what to do to help the village with their plague problems. The Aquitian Rangers recover from their dehydration and fight back in earnest against Hydro Hog. Rita & Zedd carry out their plot to destroy The Command Center.

A Zeo BeginningEdit

  • In the aftermath of the Command Center’s destruction, the Power Rangers frantically search the debris for any sign of Zordon or Alpha. They find neither, but stumble on a miracle in the form of the Zeo Crystal. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd’s celebrations are cut short by a coup on their lunar palace courtesy of The Machine Empire.
  • The teens begin to learn more of the Zeo Crystal powers whilst The Machine Empire prepare for their first strike on Earth, sending a spearhead of Cogs to test the defenses. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd try to escape the wrath of The Machine Empire.

Dark Oak and his MonstersEdit

A New Villain - King MondoEdit

King Mondo (PRZ-UK) - by 76859Thomas - First Episode

New Heroes - Zeo RangersEdit

A New Heroes - Zeo Rangers - Official - by 76859Thomas

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