Beetleborgs Metallix & Power Rangers In Space: The Final Season is a tv movie special to during fun the...Beetleborgs Metallix & Power Rangers In Space. The Kids Next Door had to a fight as Nukus sends with the lord of Metarex called Dark Oak. a villain teammup with Dark Oak and Darkonda are in the first time & get rid into destroy the town. can't the help...The Kids Next Door.

Crush of the CrustaceansEdit

When Nukus defeats the Beetleborgs, only their civilian powers remain.

Metallix RisingEdit

There's a riot at Charterville Prison when the kids try to ward off the Crustacean soldiers.

Flashes of DarkondaEdit

Andros finally realizes that Darkonda was the creature that abducted his sister when he was a child, and journeys to the Planet Onyx inconspicuously to gain revenge.

Battle Station AlertEdit

The Beetleborgs retreat from the Worm Tank only to encounter Nukus, Horribelle and Vilor, so they transform into bugs to escape.

The Rangers' Mega VoyageEdit

Surviving a devastating battle with Darkonda, the Space Rangers flee to the moon, where they unlock the powers of Zordon’s hidden Mega Voyager.

Dark Oak & DarkondaEdit

Dark Oak closeup - S2e12 - Sonic X UK TV-Rip by Andyscot
Mutated Darkonda - The Official Mid-Season Finale - by 76859Thomas

Meet the CrustaceansEdit

Crustaceans (First Episode) - by 76859Thomas

Red Pine & MutantrusEdit

Vlcsnap-2017-05-26-13h07m17s26 - Red Pine - Sonic X UK - A Metarex Melee - TVrip Andyscot

Mega Voyager vs. DarkondaEdit

Mega Voyager (Official) - The First Episode - by 76859Thomas - Power Rangers' Mega Voyage

The Final Scene - Dark OakEdit

Vlcsnap-2017-05-26-13h09m52s37 - Dark Oak - A Metarex Melee - End of Ep 64 - UK TVRip

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