Numbuh 4
Ball for KND Wally is a summer episode to during Wally the KND Numbuh 4, to get it for the ball. Meanwhile, Dark Oak send the monsters in a plan at the Dump City. can't Britney, Alex, Jade and Cloe must defeat those the monsters with Black Narcissus and Shego.

Up to the ChallengeEdit

  • An obnoxious martial artist named Brian is humiliated by Chad in battle. Vowing revenge, he asks Vypra to make him her pupil, she agrees and casts a spell over him, making him an equal to Chad.

Bully for EthanEdit

  • While practicing for soccer, the school bully kicks the soccer ball, which ends up in Ethan’s path, and knocks his laptop out of his hand. Ethan is angry, and starts insulting the bully, who arranges for a fight to be held.

Grumble BeeEdit

  • When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

Villains and MonstersEdit

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