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Another & After Song & Dance is a summer episode to during Dazzlings creates Mechaterpillar, Crabby Cabbie & Blazinator.

Another Song and DanceEdit

  • In need of help with his music class assignment, Tommy seeks voice lessons from Tanya. Queen Machina casts a spell on the two Zeo Teens, which forces the pair to sing operatically everything they try to say. Meanwhile, Prince Gasket wants to assure his rightful place as ruler of the Machine Empire. He turns Det. Stone's "secret weapon", the Mechatipillar (a lure he's using to teach Bulk & Skull the investigative virtues of fishing), into a monster. While most of the Rangers are busy with that, Gasket launches a full scale invasion on Angel Grove!

Follow That Cab!Edit

  • On her way to meet with a world famous gymnast coach, Kimberly's car is stolen! She and Junior Police Officers Bulk & Skull commandeer a taxi cab and attempt to give chase after the bandit. Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa turn the taxi into the Crabbie Cabbie monster, with the trio still trapped inside! In order to save their friends, the Rangers must use their new Shark Cycles to outmanuever Crabbie Cabbie and safely extract his passengers... if they can!

Alarmed and DangerousEdit

  • Justin finds himself caught between a rock and hardplace when he squeals on two bullies who pull a fire alarm falsely, and their targeting of him nearly leads to his using his powers in front of them! Meanwhile, one of Divatox's detonators finally goes off, turning a harmless fire engine truck into a rampaging monster! Also, the Bulk & Skull Chimps serve drinks at the Juice Bar, trying to prove themselves to actually be human beings.

Dazzlings's Evil MonstersEdit

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