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After Ten Cursed, Revenge, It's Time for Halloween is a Halloween episode to during Jafar plan time into a evil bigger plan with the evil monsters in favourite with by...Jafar & get rid of the Loud Siblings.

Trickster TreatEdit

  • Master Xandred & Octoroo deploy a mind-bending Nighlok named Trickster, trapping the Power Rangers in a series of movies.

Carlos and the CountEdit

  • Carlos is bitten by a lunar bat and begins to develop strange symptoms associated with vampirism.

I, Eye GuyEdit

  • When Rita finds out that Billy is helping his young friend Willy with his science fair project, she releases Eye Guy on Angel Grove to capture the boy.

Life's A MasqueradeEdit

  • When the gang attends a costume party, Rita spoils their fun by sending down Frankenstein to crash the party.

Trick or TreatEdit

  • Kimberly is a contestant on a game show called Trick Or Treat. She ends up having to forfeit when Rita sends the Pumpkin Rapper down to Earth and she and her fellow Power Rangers have to go stop him.

The Wanna-Be RangerEdit

  • Lord Zedd uses Zack’s white gorilla costume to create Primator, a monster with the ability to transform into any Power Ranger.

Wizard for a DayEdit

  • For a school project, Rocky and his science teacher end up swapping roles for a week and Rocky ends up finding out that being a teacher is harder than he thought it would be. Things get worse when Rito transforms his teacher, Mr.Wilton into Marvo the Meanie.

A Mystery to MeEdit

  • Prince Gasket traps the Zeo Rangers one by one as they play a game of whodunit. Katherine is ultimately left alone to contend with Archerina.

The Curse of Mums' TombEdit

  • Two archaeologists come to Hillhurst to retrieve there Mummy finds. They reviewed how they had dug up Mums, and how they got the curse where they continue to sneeze, itch, etc... They must reburry Mums so they can rid of the curse.

Don't Fear the ReaperEdit

  • The Grim Reaper comes to Hillhurst. Not to kill anyone, but to train Little Ghoul to be his replacement!


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