With Mirror and Drain is a fun episode of the two monsters of Zyu2, by the evil master, Lord Zedd. to the evil Metarex deal with...Pale Bay Leaf. to a help with...Sonic & his Friends, with...Tommy the Green Ranger with...Cosmo the Seedrian.

Hedgehog HuntEdit

  • After their last battle, Sonic and the others find themselves stranded on a mysterious planet with no hope of escape, that is until an old friend saves them from a horrible fate.

The Power StealerEdit

  • The Ranger teens head yet another clean-up drive in Angel Grove Park. Lord Zedd sends down the Octophantom monster, who siphons off most of Tommy's Green Ranger powers. He also captures a couple of the Rangers, leaving only Billy & Jason to free their friends and defeat Octophantom via his only weakness: his vanity.

The Beetle InvasionEdit

  • Inspired by the Ranger Teens' Broom-ball competition with Stone Canyon, Lord Zedd creates the Stag Beetle monster from the rival team's poster. The Stag Beetle briefly absorbs some of Tommy's waning Green Ranger powers, as expected.

Octophantom & Stag BeetleEdit

MMPRS2 Classixx - Octophantom
MMPRS2 Classixx - Stag Beetle

A meet...Pale Bay LeafEdit

Pale Bay Leaf (Sonic X UK)
  • Friends: Octophantom & Stag Beetle
  • Enemies: Tommy the Green Ranger & his Friends
  • History: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Season 2)
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