Ten Terrors (PRMF-UK) - by 76859Thomas
A Debut with...10 Terrors of the Halloween is a Halloween episode to during a story about...The Ten Terrors. The enemies of Dark Oak sends down with Magma, Oculous and Serpentina. can't the plan with Numbuh 1, Britney and Cosmo.

The LightEdit

  • Necrolai unleashes the Ten Terrors, ten fierce warriors each with their own incredible powers that match even the Mystic Rangers own. Meanwhile, Madison doubts here role as a Power Ranger.

The HunterEdit

  • Nick must master his connection to Fire Heart in order to defeat another of the Ten Terrors.

Hard HeadsEdit

  • Nick & Vida have a fight after Nick uses Vida’s table without asking. One of the Ten Terrors attacks them with slime which blocks their ability to morph.


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