Imperious (S14e13) - by 76859Thomas
Psycho Rangers (PRIS-UK) - by 76859Thomas

A debut of Two Villains: Imperious and the Psycho Rangers is a Halloween episode to during fun of the two villains with...Imperious and the Psycho Rangers to destroy the Kids Next Door.

The GatekeeperEdit

  • Claire takes on the mantle of The Gatekeeper, a title once held by her mother Niella.
  • Nick confronts Koragg as the Gates To The Underworld open, allowing Morticon to step foot on the Earth.

Scaredy CatEdit

  • Koragg has gone AWOL so Necrolai gets the Power Rangers to break a force field around an ocean cave. Inside is a lamp and a new stronger evil that the Mystic Rangers will have to face.

Rangers Gone PsychoEdit

  • Angel Grove is thrown into chaos when doppelgangers of the Space Rangers turn on the city. The real Space Rangers confront their duplicates, and in the ensuing battle, they discover the true nature of their enemies as the Psycho Rangers, soldiers of Astronema, prove to be a formidable force.

Carlos on CallEdit

  • A little girl named Silvy discovers Carlos’ secret identity and blackmails him into fulfilling her every order.


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