A best of Mantrons and the Psycho Rangers is a tv special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door get the Astralborgs to defeat the Mantrons and Psycho Rangers from Dark Oak.

Lady and the ChampsEdit

Fangula has tired himself out and needs rest. Soon he has the entire Hillhurst household attending to his every whim.

A Rift in the RangersEdit

Cassie & Ashley have a tempered argument that leaves both unable to get along. However, when Ashley is abducted by Psycho Pink, a remorseful Cassie vows to rescue her friend.

Five of a KindEdit

T.J. convinces the Space Rangers to battle different Psycho Rangers than the ones that match their colors, hoping to confuse and weaken their enemies, but when this proves to be only a short-term solution, T.J. elects to try a different and more confounding strategy.

Astral RansomEdit

Nukus captures Flabber with Les' escape-proof Phasm Containment Unit and holds him ransom for the astral goods.

Silence is GoldenEdit

The Psycho Rangers assume human form and search Angel Grove, using voice identification to find the Space Rangers in their civilian lives.

Astral AmbushEdit

The house monsters are fed up with the astral war and decide to offer Nukus the last one of the coins to protect them.


The kids are inserting the coins into the sword, while at the Crypt, Les is disguising himself to get the goods from them.

The Enemy WithinEdit

As Dark Specter’s life force drains, Astronema becomes closer to her goal of becoming the supreme leader of his forces. Meanwhile, Psycho Red’s obsession with defeating the Red Ranger could prove to be costly as both groups of Power Rangers engage in a final conflict.

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