Zeo Rangers - first episode - by 76859Thomas
A Zeo Beginning is a two-parter world premiere on the new series Power Rangers Zeo. The Kids Next Door must first mission to the new main villain called "The Machine Empire" as King Mondo and his Family. King Sombra are back to get help & destroy the quarry. can't the plan as...The Kids Next Door of Sector V.

A Zeo BeginningEdit

In the aftermath of the Command Center’s destruction, the Power Rangers frantically search the debris for any sign of Zordon or Alpha. They find neither, but stumble on a miracle in the form of the Zeo Crystal. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd’s celebrations are cut short by a coup on their lunar palace courtesy of The Machine Empire.

The teens begin to learn more of the Zeo Crystal powers whilst The Machine Empire prepare for their first strike on Earth, sending a spearhead of Cogs to test the defenses. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd try to escape the wrath of The Machine Empire.

A New Villain - King MondoEdit

King Mondo (PRZ-UK) - by 76859Thomas - First Episode

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