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A True, True Blue T.J. is a summer special episode to during fun with...T.J. the Blue Power Ranger. Britney & Numbuh 1 gets a rid of monsters by...Darkliptor. A fun greatest leader third command was...T.J. gets the Amnesia into a true, true Blue Ranger.

T.J.'s Identity CrisisEdit

T.J. suffers a severe blow to the head and develops amnesia, whist Darkonda & Ecliptor’s fragile alliance is made all the more literal as they merge to form the hybrid threat known as Darkliptor.

Peace, Love and WoeEdit

When Rita’s latest monster, Madame Woe mistakes Billy’s love interest, Marge for a Power Ranger and captures her, the Power Rangers come to her rescue.

Dark WarriorEdit

When Rita finds out that Trini’s scientist uncle is working on an invisibility formula, she sends down her latest monster, the Dark Warrior to capture him and obtain the formula.

Plague of the MantisEdit

While learning a new fighting technique, the Praying Mantis, Trini has some difficulty mastering the move. When Rita sends down Mantis to face Trini, she quickly learns to grasp the concept and uses it to defeat her opponent.

Root of All EvilEdit

While Drew and Jo are experimenting with his new plant, they realize it can talk. Meanwhile, the Magnavors send a plant monster to Hillhurst.

Darkliptor and his MonstersEdit

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