A Thankful of a Fun with...The Kids Next Door is a first Thanksgiving episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door goes on the Thankful fun.

Andros and the StowawayEdit

An alien infant stows away with Andros, with it’s angered guardian not too far behind.

A Pig SurpriseEdit

Rita finds an opportunity to revive Pudgy Pig by using one of the pigs at the Angel Grove Pet Adoption Program.

Storybook RangersEdit

Kimberly finds a book which delighted her as a child at a book fair, but Rita soon traps her, Tommy & Rocky inside the book and makes plans to ensure the book never has a happy ending.

Tommy, Kimberly & Rocky ally themselves with a grouchy character from the storybook and journey to see Mondo The Magician. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd takes Bulk & Skull’s custom made monster and turn into the ferocious Turkey Jerk.

Rita's PitaEdit

Rita’s new monster, hijacks Tommy’s body and causes him to eat an unhealthy amount of fast food.

Midnight Sparkle and his MonstersEdit

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