A Thankful Blockbuster Special of a Fun Animated Heroes is a marathon of the fun with Sonic X and Totally Spies!.

Totally Spies!: Evil Promotion MuchEdit

  • Sam, Clover and Alex are given the opportunity of becoming Super Spies to commemorate their successful missions! They are greeted by their new trainer, Terence. They also undergo training with another boy named Dean, who is also training to become a Super Spy. But when Dean goes missing, the girls wonder if it is mere coincidence or if it's more than that. Will the girls be able to find Dean? And where does Terence fit in to all of this?
  • The girls try to warn Jerry of his coming demise and they devise a plan right under Terence's nose. Unfortunately, when things don't go as planned, Sam, Clover and Alex must rescue Dean by themselves before it's too late.
  • The spies face Terence and Dean in Beverly Hills for a final showdown in which even the best of spies will have trouble succeeding.

Sonic X: Terror on the TyphoonEdit

  • Sonic saves a spaceship that's being chased by Metarex.

Terence and his Metarex CommandersEdit

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