Fun in the during...A Super Spectacular Summer of the Day.

Target RangersEdit

  • Rocky has a crush on his partner in science class, but she's all about work. When their computer game project gets stolen to be used to program King Mondo's Silo monster, he'll have to deal with both his wrath AND her's! Meanwhile, the Zeo Megazord uses its various Battle Helmets in battle, and it'll need them, when Silo drags the Megazord, with the Zeo Rangers inside, into the outer space, planning to toss them into the sun! Also, Bulk & Skull are assigned to guard the junkyard where Silo is being built.

High FiveEdit

  • Rita Repulsa schemes to do to the Rangers what she did to Zordon long ago, and trap them inside a Time Warp. Meanwhile, Trini must confront her fear of heights to rescue Billy when he's chased up a mountain by Rita's Putty Patrollers.

Food FightEdit

  • Rita sends down Finster's latest creation, the endlessly hungry Pudgy Pig, to consume the Earth's food supply, starting with the Youth Center's International Food Festival! The Power Rangers attempt to stop him, but Pudgy Pig even eats their weapons. Can the team find the monster's spicy weakness in time?

The Wanna-Be RangerEdit

  • Due to a rare alignment of planets, Zordon has to de-ionize for a brief period. Lord Zedd exploits this by creating the Primator monster out of a white gorilla suit of Zack's. Primator can transform himself into an exact double of anyone, and uses that ability to confuse the Rangers by mimicking them. Meanwhile, Alpha 5 teleports out of the Command Center for a day, and winds up activating his self-destruct sequence when confronted by the monster.

Jen's RevengeEdit

  • Jen's demeanor with the other Rangers continues to sour, as her appetite for vengeance against Ransik continues to grow. When the Fatcatfish mutant in released on the city, it brings back memories of her days as Alex's partner, and pushes her to the edge of reason. She sets out to not only kill both this mutant criminal, but the one responsible for her fiance's death, Ransik himself, by any means necessary. Can Wes and the others finally get through to her before she crosses the line?

Red Pine's High MonstersEdit

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