Phantom Ranger - ID - by 76859Thomas - Official U.K.
A Story of Phantom Ranger is a summer special to during Phantom Ranger in the history of Power Rangers, with KND Sector V Operatives. Meanwhile, Dark Oak sends the monsters with Clockster & Crocovile.

The Phantom PhenomenonEdit

  • A spaceship arrives on Earth, and with it, the Phantom Ranger, a strange warrior in black armor with the power of invisibility and a penchant for showing up to save the day in the nick of time. His motives are a mystery to both the sides of good and evil. When Justin's pal Nico discovers Phantom Ranger's spaceship's hidden location, it gives Divatox's forces the opening to attack the new arrival when he least expects it. Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull take jobs as security guards, first for a bank, then for the local gold mine. Guess what two places Divatox's forces choose to loot today?

When Time Freezes OverEdit

  • Following the Turbo Rangers successful foiling of Divatox's plan to freeze the sun, the evil pirate woman recruits the Clockster monster, who rewinds the day, so she can recover the Freeze Key and try again. But the second time out, Clockster touches the powerful device, stopping time cold in its tracks! Is this the end of time, or does the Phantom Ranger have yet another trick up his sleeve? Meanwhile, Bulk & Skull get jobs as vacuum salesmen for the Total Vac Corporation. Their demonstrations prove messy, all over Lt. Stone.

The Delta DiscoveryEdit

  • The Phantom Ranger discovers where Zordon is being held by Divatox, Rygog, and Dark Specter's forces. He gets word to the Power Rangers, but ends up captured himself. They manage to get to the world he contacted them from, and rescue him, but are too late to find Zordon, who's moved before they arrive. Phantom Ranger, before taking off to continue trailing the monsters, gives Andros access to the Delta Megaship. With the Battlizer as a remote-controller, the Delta Megazord is formed to aid in battle against the Crocovile monster.

Dark Oak's Two MonstersEdit

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