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A Legend of Hillhurst is a episode to during a legend of the history of Hillhurst about...Quincy, to the bring back a legend known as..."King Sombra". has returned tries to a plan. can't the Kids Next Door are finished into a evil-like challenger hero as...The Green Ranger Tommy.

The Hunchback of HillhurstEdit

  • Flabber, The House Monsters, and the three kids discover a hunchback in the attic of the Hillhurst Mansion.

Return of the Green RangerEdit

  • The sinister Wizard Of Deception is summoned to deal with the Power Rangers. Intending to trap them in the past, the Wizard Of Deception makes preparations to deal with the teens valiant leader Tommy by pitting him against none other than himself.
  • The White Ranger confronts his clone, armed with the Green Ranger powers, and the two clash. Meanwhile, trapped in the 18th century, the powerless teens are confronted by the Wizard Of Deception and two very large rats.
  • As the Green Ranger unleashes the Dragonzord, a weakened White Ranger struggles to keep his clone under control.

Numbuh 1's History of CountryEdit

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