King for a Day is a Halloween Special to during fun in the Machine Arena with Prince Gasket and Archerina to brought Altor to a planned by...King Sombra, The Evil of Shadow. The parody battle version from the Super Bowl Boxing Tournament with the crowd of best by...The Machine Empire. for...Tommy the Red Zeo Ranger. can't the Kids Next Door Operatives and the Spies beat those of a plan with...Zeo Ranger Five Red.

King For a DayEdit

  • Tommy is successfully manipulated through a mind-altering device and is slowly convinced by Prince Gasket he is the leader of the Machine Empire, sworn to defend truth and justice against the forces of the insidious Power Rangers.
  • Tommy decides to finish Jason off himself and confronts him in the Machine Arena, Bulk & Skull find themselves transported to the Machine Arena and assist in a prisoner’s escape.

King Sombra & AltorEdit

King Sombra in The Crystal Empire S3E01
Altor (PRZ UK) - by 76859Thomas


  • King Sombra appear in the Machine Arena to among with Red Zeo Ranger, Prince Gasket and Archerina.
  • Altor ready to battle with Gold Ranger in the match.
  • Among the crowd of monsters in the Machine Arena: Mean Screen, Brick Bully's second form, Cruella DeSquid (without the head), Smudgey Swirl, Silo, See Monster, Cruel Chrome, Sinister Simian, Main Drain, Vampirus, Dischordia, Blue Globber (Aquitian Ranger head), Centiback, Somnibot, Defoliator, Admiral Abominator, Octophantom, Soccadillo, Punchabunch, Piecemeal, Fortissimodo, Goggleheimer, Lanterra, Hate Master, Barkzo, Dresschordia, Wrecking Ball, Miss Chief, Oysterizer, Marvo the Meanie, Maceface, Bratboy, Yetiki, Filet of Parasol, Stenchy and Artistmole.

The Machine Arena MonstersEdit

King Sombra and his Monsters in the Machine ArenaEdit

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