A Halloween Catastrophe is a Halloween episode to during with...Midnight Sparkle creating the ultimate evil as "Cats" with...Firecat & Katastrophe. to bring other monsters as well. can't Numbuh 1 and his Operatives beat of a plan, and before it's too late!


Drew finds himself slowly becoming a cat monster.

A Ranger CatastropheEdit

Kimberly & Aisha become volunteers at the Angel Grove animal shelter, where as Tommy meets a new citizen of Angel Grove who offers to help him with his car, Katherine.

With Tommy trapped in Rita’s Dark Dimension, the Power Rangers are left with two choices, save Tommy, or prevent Rito’s assault on Angel Grove. They elect to stop Rito first, where as Rita decides to unleash Katherine herself on the Power Rangers as a monstrous cat-like being.

Changing of the ZordsEdit

Katherine continues to make use of her trust amongst the Power Ranger teens and steals Kimberly’s Power Coin and Tommy’s Falconzord. Having discovered the Shogunzords, Rita & Zedd decide to kidnap Kimberly and use her fragile state to blackmail the Power Rangers into piloting them.

Tommy enters the Dark Dimension and confronts Lord Zedd The remaining Power Rangers are summoned by Rita to use the Shogunzords to destroy Angel Grove.

Follow That Cab!Edit

After Bulk & Skull accidentally help a thief to steal her car, they follow after the thief in a taxi. However, Lord Zedd then turns the cab into a monster, with the trio still inside.


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