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A Greater-like Halloween for...Numbuh One is a Halloween episode to during fun of the greater Halloween with...Numbuh One and his Friends. 

  • PJ Masks discover the monsters by Romeo of the Evil & fight them.

Rock SolidEdit

  • A monster dispatched by Necrolai looks intent on petrifying various townspeople, turning them to stone statues. Madison is caught in the crossfire, leaving Nick tapping into the fires of the phoenix.

Different DrumEdit

  • Rita sends Gnarly Gnome down to Earth to hypnotize the children of Angel Grove using his dastardly music.

I, Eye GuyEdit

  • When Rita finds out that Billy is helping his young friend Willy with his science fair project, she releases Eye Guy on Angel Grove to capture the boy.

Nano in the HouseEdit

  • Nano discovers a bracelet inside a closet, and puts it on. Now, whoever is in the presence of her, becomes her servant. And take a guess just what happens when she visits Hillhurst!

The Littlest BrattleborgEdit

  • Oliver visits his cousins - Drew and Jo and when he pretends to be a Beetleborgs by dressing up like one, the Magnavors capture him as they believe he is a real Beetleborg.


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