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A Great and the Best of Julytastic of KND is a summer special episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door & The Spies are going on a fight with King Sombra and her monsters from the past, from the becoming a super-like main major villain as...Darkliptor.

T.J.'s Identity CrisisEdit

T.J. suffers a severe blow to the head and develops amnesia, whist Darkonda & Ecliptor’s fragile alliance is made all the more literal as they merge to form the hybrid threat known as Darkliptor.

Spirit of the WoodsEdit

Whilst jogging, T.J. meets a mysterious young boy called Erutan whose power may be all that can aid the Power Rangers in their struggle to prevent Divatox from laying waste to the forests of Angel Grove.

Lions and BlizzardsEdit

The Power Rangers win a trophy for their work in the annual Angel Grove Oddball Games, but Rita has it stolen and proceeds to turn it into Goatan.

Fowl PlayEdit

Rita interrupts Zack’s Magic Show at Ernie’s Juice Bar when she sends down Peckster to battle the Power Rangers.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the ParkEdit

Lord Zedd sends down Trumpet Top to attack the Power Rangers and cause them to believe they’re fighting monsters from their past.

Rocky Just Wants to Have FunEdit

Rocky becomes obsessed with Ernie’s new pachinco machine, and when Lord Zedd casts a spell on him, Rocky soon makes having fun his only priority.

Fourth Down and LongEdit

Rocky’s Uncle Joe arrives in Angel Grove to address the local football team before their game against Stone Canyon. Meanwhile, Rita & Zedd unleash Centiback, a creature with all the skills of a refined football player, with the ability to transform anything into legitimate footballs.

Do I Know You?Edit

The Gold Ranger’s identity continues to plague the Zeo Rangers, and they resolve to find a way of deducing it.

The Brain in the AtticEdit

The kids and house monsters discover an electronic brain device that causes the things you fear to materialize right before your eyes.

Attack of the Brain SuckersEdit

Nukus is angry when publisher Rudy McDougal refuses to devote a comic book to his new Brain Sucker monster.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

A Main Major Villain - DarkliptorEdit

Darkliptor (PRIS UK) - by 76859Thomas

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