A Fun of the Two Halloween Stories (Featuring with the Beetleborgs Metallix & Power Rangers In Space) is a Halloween Special to during fun with...The Kids Next Door are the plan with...Beetleborgs Metallix and the Space Rangers going in the plan time to defeat...Nukus. Astronema & Dark Oak get a plan for the Superheroes deal with...the two evil robots with Boron & Tankenstein. A get-like a plan time as...Astronema and the Two Metarex Commanders are same plan time of the battles in Halloween, can't the plan as...The Kids Next Door to do it.

Robo RumbleEdit

Flabber and the kids catch legendary animal trapper Jean Claude Pierre setting werewolf traps outside Hillhurst.

The Impenetrable WebEdit

The Space Rangers are lured to an alien world, whilst Ecliptor cuts the team off from Alpha and the Astro Megaship with an impenetrable forcefield, leaving the Space Rangers trusted robot ally and their main computer DECA alone and vulnerable against Ecliptor, who infiltrates the Megaship.

Super FangEdit

When Flabber makes Fangula think he possesses superpowers, our fanged friend decides to attack the Crustaceans and Boron!

A Line in the SandEdit

The Space Rangers are transported to a barren desert where they are are pursued and attacked by Tankenstein. Zhane intervenes with his new Lunar Rover but the creature returns to Angel Grove where a battle above the city leads to a devastating loss.

Vs. Dark Oak & BoronEdit

Dark Oak - Finale - Agent of Mischief S2 - by Andyscot
Boron (Moon Battle) - Robo Rumble - by 76859Thomas

Red Ecliptor and his Two Metarex CommandersEdit

Roboborg vs. TankensteinEdit

Roboborg (S2e33) - by 76859Thomas
Tankenstein (A Robot-like Zord Style) - by 76859Thomas
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