Numbuh Four (A Best of Halloween Character like a Kid) - S3-Official
A First Day at Halloween Party, with Numbuh 4 and his Kids is a first Halloween Episode to during fun with...Numbuh 4 and his Kids. Numbuh 2 must go on the plan & fight the monsters with...Pale Bay Leaf.

Trick or TreatEdit

  • Kimberly is a contestant on a game show called Trick Or Treat. She ends up having to forfeit when Rita sends the Pumpkin Rapper down to Earth and she and her fellow Power Rangers have to go stop him.

Carlos and the CountEdit

  • Carlos is bitten by a lunar bat and begins to develop strange symptoms associated with vampirism.

Ghoul TroubleEdit

  • Nukus has Les create Aqualungs, a beast who leeches into the water system at Hillhurst.

Totally Slammin' Sector CyclesEdit

  • Nukus releases Les Fortunes' latest creation, Hagfish of Gar, a fish-like creature.

Pale Bay Leaf and the MonstersEdit

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