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A Day of the vacation fun of the Kids Next Door is a summer episode to during fun with...The Kids Next Door to a fun of vacation on Sector J. The Four Spies must defeat King Sombra and the army of monsters in the battle of summer vacation.

The Power of GoldEdit

A mysterious object is detected arriving within our galaxy, but it’s origins are unknown. The path is set for the arrival of a new ally with the power to tip the balance of good against evil, the mysterious Gold Ranger.

Invasion Of The Body SwitcherEdit

Astronema uses her monsters shapeshifting ability to become an exact duplicate of Ashley.

Survival of the SilverEdit

Arriving on a hostile planet, the Space Rangers are overwhelmed by the planets inhabitants. Damage to a cryogenic preservation unit however brings to life a new ally, the Silver Ranger.

Don't Fear the ReaperEdit

When Little Ghoul's uncle, the Grim Reaper, comes to town, she tells everyone that Reaper is retiring and needs a replacement.

King Sombra and his MonstersEdit

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