A Daddy's Marathon is a special episode to during fun with...Mr. Loud with Sector V Operatives.

Convention DimensionEdit

  • The kids dress as Beetleborgs and attend a comic book convention, where they run into some familiar faces.

The Ninja EncounterEdit

  • Lord Zedd captures Rocky, Adam & Aisha, three martial arts students with the intention of making them his Dark Rangers.
  • The Power Rangers continue to face the dilemmas poised by the ensnarement of their new friends.
  • As Lord Zedd prepares to turn his captive Ninja Students to the side of evil, the Power Rangers are finally able to make progress in their bid to rescue their enemies hostage.

Father & Evil Company MonstersEdit

Wingar & Terror BlossomEdit

Terror Blossom

Special Guest Star - Mr. Incredible (from "The Incredibles")Edit

Mr. Incredible 1

Syndrome & GoldexEdit

The Incredibles - Syndrome - Render
Goldex (BBBB-UK) - by 76859Thomas
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