Between of the Best of Astralborg & Psycho is a summer special to during second time fun with...Mantrons & The Psycho Rangers to complete against the Spies & Numbuh 1. To get ally their a help with...Fireborg, Lightningborg & Ladyborg to defeat the Two Enemies as...Psycho Pink & Psycho Blue.

To Foretell the TruthEdit

When the astral coins turn out to be missing, Flabber suggests they call a psychic, Madame Myra, to find them.

Wolfie's Wild RideEdit

Wolfie gets the opportunity to accompany the Beetleborgs on a mission -- in exchange for an astral coin.

Lady and the ChampsEdit

Fangula has tired himself out and needs rest. Soon he has the entire Hillhurst household attending to his every whim.

A Rift in the RangersEdit

Cassie & Ashley have a tempered argument that leaves both unable to get along. However, when Ashley is abducted by Psycho Pink, a remorseful Cassie vows to rescue her friend.

Five of a KindEdit

T.J. convinces the Space Rangers to battle different Psycho Rangers than the ones that match their colors, hoping to confuse and weaken their enemies, but when this proves to be only a short-term solution, TJ elects to try a different and more confounding strategy.

Fireborg vs. Psycho PinkEdit

Meet the Fireborg - by 76859Thomas
Psycho Pink (PRIS-UK) - by 76859Thomas

Super Vilor and his Metarex CommandersEdit

Psycho Pink & MantixEdit

Psycho Pink (PRIS-UK) - by 76859Thomas
Mantix (Ep. 24) - by 76859Thomas

Super Vilor & Psycho BlueEdit

Super Vilor - Official of the Best Form - by 76859Thomas - Happy Summer
Psycho Blue (PRIS-UK) - by 76859Thomas

Ladyborg vs. Psycho PinkEdit

Ladyborg (Official) - by 76859Thomas
Psycho Pink (S6e33) - by 76859Thomas

Fireborg vs. Psycho BlueEdit

Meet the Fireborg - by 76859Thomas
Psycho Blue (Ep. 34) - by 76859Thomas

Lightningborg vs. Psycho BlackEdit

Lightningborg (Official) - by 76859Thomas
Psycho Black (Ep. 34) - by 76859Thomas

Psycho Red and his Metarex CommandersEdit

Pale Bay Leaf and her Two Psycho MonstersEdit

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