MV5BMTI4MDA3 - kids next door
A Classic-like End of the Week June - The Kids-Next-Door is a summer episode to during fun of the Kids Next Door.

Where There's Smoke, There's FireEdit

  • Aisha is made Fire Safety Captain during Angel Grove High’s Fire Safety Week. She ends up taking the job a little too seriously and alienates everyone around her. Meanwhile Lord Zedd sends Flamehead down to Angel Grove and teaches Aisha a thing or two about teamwork.

Do I Know You?Edit

  • The Gold Ranger’s identity continues to plague the Zeo Rangers, and they resolve to find a way of deducing it.

Revelations of GoldEdit

  • The Gold Ranger comes under fire from the Vorax Bounty Hunters, who succeed in shooting down Pyramidas after a long pursuit in space. Crash landing on Aquitar, his powers become unstable as his health fails him and his identity is revealed as Trey Of Triforia.

A Golden HomecomingEdit

  • Trey, having split himself into three versions of himself to begin the slow process of regaining his full health, an heir to the Golden Powers must be chosen.

The Fall of the PhantomEdit

  • Divatox & General Havoc capture Cassie and lures the Phantom Ranger into their clutches to gain control of the Phantom’s Power Ruby.

Clash of the MegazordsEdit

  • With the Phantom Ranger’s life force slowly slipping from him, the Turbo Rangers make a bid to recover the Power Ruby. Divatox sends Crosspatch and several of her Chromites to destroy Angel Grove with the Turbo Megazord, forcing the Turbo Rangers to confront it with the Rescue Megazord.

Zhane's DestinyEdit

  • The Space Rangers, searching for clues to Zordon’s location in the depths of space, discover that inhabitants of KO-35.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit


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