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Rita & Zedd's Wedding is a episode of the three-parter in Thanksgiving Special. to during against of the heroes (Numbuh 1 and his Sector V Teammates, Numbuh Infinity, Cosmo the Seedrian, Sam, Clover and Alex.)

The WeddingEdit

  • The Power Rangers embark on a whirlwind tour of Australia. Meanwhile, an old enemy returns to the moon to exact her revenge on Lord Zedd the only way she knows how by making herself his bride.
  • Betrayed by a malfunctioning Alpha and trapped inside a theater house full of familiar foes, the Power Rangers struggle to fight their way through the carnival of monsters and escape. Meanwhile, preparations are made for the fiendish union of two masters of evil.
  • The Power Rangers make a dash for freedom as Lord Zedd and his new bride Rita Repulsa make their way to Earth with the intent of finishing them off.

Zedd & Rita's Thankful PartyEdit

Red Pine and his Guard MonstersEdit

Red Pine and his Six MonstersEdit

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