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Chase into Space is a summer special episode of two-parter in Mid-Finale. Dark Oak, a plan of Ultimate Evil known as...Goldgoyle the Final Solution. Sector V Operatives must into final battle with Piranhatrons. by...Dark Oak, Ruler of the Metarex. Sector V Operatives goes into...Space.

Chase into SpaceEdit

  • Justin's father gets an offer for a better job in another town, which leaves the young boy with two options: be parted with his dad again, or give up being a Ranger. Meanwhile, Divatox unleashes the Goldgoyle monster upon the Turbo Rangers, who proves to be more powerful than any of their Megazords! On top of all of that, the Power Chamber receives a distress call from Zordon, telling them Eltar is under attack!
  • The Turbo Rangers battle to defend the vulnerable Power Chamber against the invading Piranahtron army, but already the odds are stacked against them, and they soon are overwhelmed by Divatox's evil space pirate forces. Can our heroes rise from the ashes and grip victory from the jaws of defeat? Whatever happens, one of their teammates won't make it through this adventure!

Two Mid-Finale Enemies - Dark Oak & GoldgoyleEdit

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