A Beginning of The End of Beetleborgs Metallix & Power Rangers In Space is a episode to during end of the plan with...Beetleborgs Metallix & Space Rangers with the Kids Next Door Operatives.

Super FangEdit

When Flabber makes Fangula think he possesses superpowers, our fanged friend decides to attack the Crustaceans and Boron!

Experiment in EvilEdit

The house monsters have grown restless waiting for the Beetleborgs to defeat Boron, so they recruit Dr. Von Frankenbeans.

Mega Borg PowerEdit

The Crustaceans tap into Charterville's sewer system to pump toxic waste into the Crypt, where it morphs into a giant fire-breathing lizard.

A Line in the SandEdit

The Space Rangers are transported to a barren desert where they are are pursued and attacked by Tankenstein. Zhane intervenes with his new Lunar Rover but the creature returns to Angel Grove where a battle above the city leads to a devastating loss.

Vs. Repgillian & TankensteinEdit

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