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Black Friday Ranger is a episode to during fun with...The Black Ranger with Numbuh 5 in the Black Friday Sale. Meanwhile, Father has a plan. for the creating monsters to destroy the town. can't the plan as...Black Ranger of a Hero Plan of a Fun Time.

Happy Birthday, ZackEdit

  • When his friends plan Zack a surprise birthday party, he is led to believe they have forgotten his birthday. Things worsen when Rita sends down Knasty Knight as her birthday present for Zack.

Orchestral Maneuvers in the ParkEdit

  • Lord Zedd sends down Trumpet Top to attack the Power Rangers and cause them to believe they’re fighting monsters from their past.

Passing the LanternEdit

  • Rita & Zedd are inspired by Adam’s Lantern and his quest to find out more about his heritage, to unleash the monster Lanterra on Angel Grove.


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