Zen-Aku (PRWF Morphinlegacy)
The Birth of Zen-Aku is a summer special of 7-Parter to during Dark Oak creates Zen-Aku to destroy Lincoln and his 9 Sisters to the darkness.

Curse of the WolfEdit

  • The Wild Force Rangers face their most formidable challenge yet when Master Org releases two of his most respected and feared Org Generals, Nayzor and the Wolf-like Zen-Aku.

Battle of the ZordsEdit

  • Despite his thirst for revenge, Zen-Aku shows he isn’t as evil as he appears as he tends to Alyssa’s wounds following an ambush by Toxica & Jindrax.

Predazord, AwakenEdit

  • The Wild Force Rangers battle the terrifying Bus Org. Zen-Aku forms his own Megazord, the Predazord.

Revenge of Zen-AkuEdit

  • Capturing Princess Shayla, Zen-Aku begins to experience a surge of vague and cryptic memories of a happier life.

Identity CrisisEdit

  • Nayzor successfully enslaves Zen-Aku’s mind with a bug and takes control of him just as he begins to fully remember his past, making him more dangerous than ever.

The Ancient WarriorEdit

  • The truth behind Zen-Aku is finally revealed as Princess Shayla deduces his identity and the Power Rangers also deduce the source of his power.

The Lone WolfEdit

  • Despite being freed from the curse of Zen-Aku, the guilt-ridden Merrick believes he is not deserving enough to join the ranks of the Wild Force Rangers and departs to find himself.

Dark Oak's monstersEdit

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