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A debut of Psycho Rangers & Mantrons is a summer special episode to during a debut of two villains with Psycho Rangers & Mantrons.

Rangers Gone PsychoEdit

  • The Space Rangers are stunned when they encounter the Psycho Rangers, recently created by the newly-brainwashed Astronema and secretly drawing tremendous energy off of Dark Specter. These five evil Rangers scour Angel Grove, listening for the telltale sound of our heroes' communicators to alert them of the unmorphed teens' location. When Zhane ends up captured by them, the Space Rangers are forced to come out of hiding to face the Psychos, who prove to be more than their equals in both skill and ruthlessness.

The Lost ComicEdit

  • When Art and Les Fortunes were children, they produced a homemade comic book together. Their only collaboration. Now, Les leads the Crustaceans in a quest to find where he buried it years ago. Art and the Beetleborgs are also in pursuit for it. Within its pages are the predecessors to the Beetleborgs, the Astralborgs and Mantrons.

The Two Villains - Psycho Rangers and MantronsEdit

Psycho Rangers (PRIS-UK) - by 76859Thomas
Mantrons (BBM-UK) - by 76859Thomas
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