A Zeo & Space Beginning is a summer special episode of 4-Parter to during having new villains with King Mondo and Astronema by Dark Oak. can't you help it!

A Zeo BeginningEdit

Searching the ruins of the Command Center, Tommy, Billy, Adam, Kat, Rocky, and Tanya quickly discover that all may not be lost! Beneath the wreckage lies a secret chamber, but what fate does it hold for Alpha 5 and Zordon? On the moon, Rita & Zedd's celebration over bringing an end to the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers is brought to an abrupt halt, when the evil Machine Empire appears, and proceeds to push them out!

The Rangers discover the fate of Zordon, and learn all about the threat of the Machine Empire. As King Mondo launches an attack by testing the Earth's defenses, sending a small group of Cogs to Angel Grove, the Rangers prepare to harness the use of the Zeo Crystal's powerful energies to gain new powers to face the new threat.

From Out of NowhereEdit

A mysterious new Red Ranger infiltrates a meeting of the United Alliance of Evil as they celebrate Dark Specter's conquest of Eltar and capture of Zordon. Meanwhile, the four ex-Turbo Teens' space flight is interrupted when a large space craft pulls them in. What connection does this craft, known as the Astro Megaship, have to the Red Ranger, and to the future of the entire universe's safety?

Having crash landed on a desolate planet, the mysterious Red Ranger and the former Turbo Rangers face Astronema's Quantrons. Even though the five work well together, the alien human Andros refuses to allow the Earthen Ranger teens to join him on his quest to save Zordon. Can he be convinced before Astronema's forces stage their first major assault?

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