The Kids Next Door (Numbuhs 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5)
Operatives Back in Time is a two-parter from Kids Next Door of a parody official from based on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. The Kids Next Door accidently travels back in time, by Dark Oak. Genderbent Boys attacks on Kids Next Door Sector V Operatives at the Park. Black Narcissus sends Photomare to make kids of the Picture. Kids Next Door travels find the Rock of Time, Pale Bay Leaf releases guard monsters with Invenusable Flytrap, Dramole and Oysterizer to the plan it. can't operatives of Sector V to do it!

Rangers Back in TimeEdit

  • Inspired by the Ranger teens' class assignment of bringing in photographs from their childhood, Lord Zedd comes up with a plan to exploit this trip down memory lane. Using the Rock Of Time, he reverses the Earth's rotation, causing everyone on the planet to revert in age by about 10 years! No longer teens, and no longer possessing memory of being Rangers, the Powerless Kids are seemingly defenseless against Zedd's Putties. But are they still a great team beyond their years?
  • Trapped in Photomare's picture, the Powerless Kids' only hope is Young Bulk & Skull! Can Alpha 5 find a way to restore the kids, and convince them that they're an alien-fighting superhero team? Even if they get back to their normal age, the Rangers will have to deal with the Zord-copying Photomare, and a horde of revived monsters guarding the Rock of Time!

The Genderbent BoysEdit

Loud Brothers ID S01e23 - by ToonFan1994

Black Narcissus & PhotomareEdit

Vlcsnap-2017-07-15-09h43m14s15 - Sonic X Black Narcissus (Testing Time) - British TV-Rip UK - by Andyscot
MMPRS2 Classixx - Photomare

Rock of Time Monsters Edit

Beat of the end of Metarex - Pale Bay LeafEdit

Sonic X Pale Bay Leaf - Popular Villain - British UK English - Classic S2 - by Andyscot tv-rip
  • Guard Monsters: Oysterizer, Invenusable Fly Trap and Dramole
  • Enemies: Sector V Operatives, Sam, Clover and Alex
  • History: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Rangers Back in Time
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