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Dino Thunder White Ranger is a summer special episode to during Trent becomes the White Ranger. Dino White Ranger helps Red Pine & destroy Kids Next Door for good, to be evil as...Dark Oak.

White ThunderEdit

  • Trent stumbles on to an invisiportal in Anton’s office and falls victim to the power of the White Dino Gem, corrupting him and turning him into the formidable White Dino Ranger.
  • The Dino Rangers uncover a new Dinozord, but the White Ranger is able to steal a Dino Egg containing another.
  • The White Ranger seizes control of the Stegozord and combines it with the new Dragozord.

Truth and ConsequencesEdit

  • Trent continues to battle the Dino Rangers & Mesogog, but when he nearly kills Kira, he recognizes her and tells her the truth about him.

Leader of the WhackEdit

  • A meteor alters the personalities of not just Mesogog’s forces, but also the Dino Rangers.

Burning at Both EndsEdit

  • Trent is corrupted entirely by the White Dino Gem, and he uses Kira’s trust in him to lure the Dino Rangers into a trap.

Monsters with Red PineEdit

K.N.D. Father & Dino Thunder White RangerEdit

Father appears (S3 Operation T.R.A.I.N.I.N.G.)
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