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Curse of the Ancient Tomb is a summer special episode to during Tutenhawken to create two 'Ancient Tomb' monsters with Crumummy & Rykon.

Tutenhawken's CurseEdit

  • Ethan takes an interest in deciphering the hieroglyphics of Egyptian ruler Tutenhawken. In doing so, he not only jinxes himself, causing chaos at his every step, but frees the ancient evil from his multi-millenna-long slumber! As he begins his re-reign, Tutenhawken takes an interest in Cassidy (or Cassipatra as she now calls herself), which appears to be undoing the progress she and Ethan had been making in showing people her better side. Can her friendship with Devin snap her out of it? Meanwhile, Hayley's newest invention, the Hovercraft Cycle, may be just what Ethan needs to make Tutenhawken history again, in his own territory of the air. But whose side will Mesogog's forces be on?

Stolen BeautyEdit

  • Trakeena releases the Crumummy monster on Terra Venture, draining women of their beauty so that only she will be considered beautiful. She even goes down, in human form, and visits the space colony, hooking up with Mike in the attempt to poison him. Meanwhile, on the Scorpion Stinger, Scorpius makes a cocoon for his daughter, with which she'll take her destiny by evolving into her ultimate, bug-like form. But will she give up her sought-after beauty for mere physical power?

Memories of MirinoiEdit

  • Shondra, Maya's childhood friend from Mirinoi, suddenly appears up on Terra Venture. They resume their friendship, pushing Kendrix out in the role of best friend. When Kendrix begins to suspect Shondra of having a connection to the Rykon monster who's trying to capture the Galaxy Book, is she just letting jealousy cloud her judgment?

Crumummy & RykonEdit


A Egypt-like Ancient Monster - TutenhawkenEdit


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