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Disney's Power Rangers Semifinal Marathon is a episode to during another the end of plan with Dark Oak and his Villains with the two commanders, Pale Bay Leaf & Black Narcissus are the plan in it. can't the Kids Next Door Operatives of Sector V, Cosmo, and Jake Long to the defeat those bunch in the villains of Dark Oak.

Down and DirtyEdit

  • Marah & Kapri ally with Shimazu to pilot new, deadly zords to combat the Power Rangers.

A Test of TrustEdit

  • Discovering that Trent has hid the secret of Mesogog from them, the Dino Rangers discuss whenever or not he can be trusted.


  • Jack meets a kindred spirit offering out goods to the homeless, a trait he was once accustomed. Meanwhile, A-Squad is finally located but they have new allegiances.


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