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A evil ways of the fun with...Jafar is a Halloween episode to during fun of the best of Jafar & a worse fun with the monsters by Dark Oak. a call sends down A Metarex Commander with...Black Narcissus and her wife, Delisha Ennivel. can't the Leni Loud, Numbuh 1, Numbuh 2, Numbuh 4 & Pacifica defeat the monsters of a plan with Delisha & Black Narcissus.

Stitch WitcheryEdit

Ashley’s new sweater becomes the city’s newest fashion sensation. Divatox places a formula on the sweater, turning anyone who wears it evil, which includes the Blue Senturion.

Horror HotelEdit

The house monsters create a hotel in the Hillhurst Mansion, but what is there to do when one a new creation of Les Fortunes checks in?

Les is MoreEdit

When Vilor brings Les' Roo-Thless monster to life, it proves to be more than the crustaceans reckoned for. This results in the Beetleborgs teaming up with Nukus and Horribelle.

Sunset Boo-LevardEdit

An aging starlet from Hollywood's silent era shows up at Hillhurst, wanting to make a comeback.

Extra...Beetleborgs RevealedEdit

An anxious journalist seeks out the Beetleborgs' secret identities... and finds them! Will she keep quiet, or will she use this scoop to make herself famous?

Who's That Ghoul?Edit

A Transylvanian bounty hunter comes looking for the Little Ghoul.

Attack of the Brain SuckersEdit

Les' latest creation, the Brain Sucker, becomes the star of a new comic book series, which ends up outselling that of the Beetleborgs'! This newfound popularity leads to the Brain Sucker monster going on a brain-sucking rampage, all the way to Hillhurst.

Monsters with Black NarcissusEdit

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