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A Ultimate Battling Stronger of the Tough is a episode to during fun fight about the tough villains with Super Noxic, Prince Gasket and Archerina. with Numbuh One & Pacifica Northwest.

Brotherly FrightEdit

Noxic's brother, returns and now he transforms into a buffed-up man named Herc-Uleese to spy on the Beetleborgs. For his disguise, he puts the House Monsters to work, exercising to become as muscular as he is. When the Beetleborgs are suspicious about this man, they go investigate and surely, they witness his transformation powers.

Hawaii ZeoEdit

Prince Gasket & Archerina are manipulated by Prince Sprocket into attacking the Zeo Rangers as giants.

The Ultimate Showdown Semifinal - Super Noxic, Prince Gasket and ArcherinaEdit

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