Rangers in the Shadow World - by 76859Thomas
Welcome to the Shadow World of the Lightspeed Rangers is a episode to during fun as...The Lightspeed Rangers in the Shadow World. to must trapped with...Numbuhs 1-5, Bratz Babyz, Ladybug, The Spies and Cosmo the Seedrian.

Sorcerer of the SandsEdit

Ryan locates the wise and powerful sorcerer responsible for banishing Bansheera and her horde, and asks that he helps him in his time of need. Meanwhile, The Gatekeeper Of The Shadow World confronts the Lightspeed Rangers and sends them into the depths of the demonic graveyard.

Olympius UnboundEdit

Olympius carves his way through the Shadow World and gains stronger powers from the spirits he defeats.

King Sombra and his Shadow World DemonsEdit

Numbuhs 1-5 vs. King OlympiusEdit

Numbuhs 1-5 in Pose S4e02
King Olympius (PRLR-UK) - by 76859Thomas
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