The Veterans Day Special to during fun with the several bad guys with...Numbuh 1 and his Teammates with Numbuh 2, Numbuh 3, Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 5. are the super teammates with Cosmo the Seedrian, Bratz Babyz, Bratz Babyz Twinz, and Pacifica Northwest.


A Monster of Global PorportionsEdit

  • Delegates of the impending Peace Conference in Switzerland arrive in Angel Grove, and Lord Zedd takes full advantage of their arrival to initiate an international incident by unleashing a monster created from the sculpture of a world globe

Forever FriendsEdit

  • There’s tension in the air when Kimberly needs to compete in a gymnastics competition against Aisha’s former best friend, Shawna.

Scavenger HuntEdit

  • As the Power Rangers play a round of Scavenger Hunt, Lord Zedd schemes to send the Power Rangers on a never-ending round of the game.

The Great Bookala EscapeEdit

  • The Power Rangers befriend a kindly alien who crash lands on Earth. Lord Zedd sets his sights on the alien’s diamond energy source, which could give him limitless power.

Blue Ranger Gone BadEdit

  • Rita & Zedd turn an art sculpture of Billy into his exact double, while they kidnap the real Billy and traps him in an alternate dimension.

Pale Bay Leaf and his MonstersEdit

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