The Story of Katherine & Astronema is a special of 8-Parter of a bigger story come to life with Kat & Astronema with Numbuh 1. to the defeat of two as...Red Pine & King Sombra. to get it & bring him to the two girls.

Changing of the ZordsEdit

  • Katherine continues to make use of her trust amongst the Power Ranger teens and steals Kimberly’s Power Coin and Tommy’s Falconzord.
  • Having discovered the Shogunzords, Rita & Zedd decide to kidnap Kimberly and use her fragile state to blackmail the Power Rangers into piloting them.
  • Tommy enters the Dark Dimension and confronts Lord Zedd The remaining Power Rangers are summoned by Rita to use the Shogunzords to destroy Angel Grove.

A Different Shade of PinkEdit

  • Kimberly is asked by a famous gymnastics coach to try out for the Pan Global Gymnastics Team. However, Rita doesn’t want her to participate so she repeatedly sends monsters down to Earth, causing Kimberly to get injured from exhaustion.
  • Rita & Zedd send down a monster to kidnap Kat after she defects from their control.
  • Kat attempts to get the Pink Power Coin back by letting herself get kidnapped by Rita & Zedd.

Astronema Thinks TwiceEdit

  • Astronema decides to confront Andros and attempt to eliminate both the Red Ranger and sever her connection to her past life.

The Rangers' Leap of FaithEdit

  • Andros brings Astronema to the Megaship, much to the chagrin of his fellow teammates.

Red Pine and his monstersEdit

A Evil History: King Sombra (Timeline)Edit

The War Between Celestia And King Sombra - My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic - Season 5 -HD -
  • Friends: Red Pine & Dark Specter
  • Enemies: Numbuh 1, Kat Hillard & Astronema
  • History: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers & Power Rangers In Space
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