The Sound of Halloween is a Halloween episode to during fun sound like a Halloween. Black Narcissus think about of the best monsters from the past. with by...Dark Oak. The sound-like evil monster called Decibat, by the evil enemy sidekick-like woman style as Shego. can't help the plan of the monsters of a plan with...Numbuh One and his Operatives with Spies and the Loud Sisters.

Turn Up the VolumeEdit

  • Damon’s bid to become Terra Venture’s chief mechanic is soured when an opportunistic cipher called Baxter steals his ideas for a new Ultra-Sonic Transmitter weapon, and takes credit for them. However, when the colony attempts to make use of the device against Decibat, the half-finished schematics create problems.

The Last RangerEdit

  • Dana is left on her own when her fellow teammates are stricken with amnesia whilst battling a demon.

Grumble BeeEdit

  • When Billy receives his very first B, Rita send down the Grumble Bee.

The Green DreamEdit

  • When Tommy keeps having horrible nightmares about losing his Green Ranger powers, Lord Zedd calls on Robogoat to capture Tommy and lure him to the dark side.

Attack of the Brain SuckersEdit

  • Les' latest creation, the Brain Sucker, becomes the star of a new comic book series, which ends up outselling that of the Beetleborgs'! This newfound popularity leads to the Brain Sucker monster going on a brain-sucking rampage, all the way to Hillhurst.

Black Narcissus and his MonstersEdit

A Evil-like Love Interests - Shego & DecibatEdit

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